The Founder

The Paramount Group, which is today enjoy a leading position in the Knowledge Management, Human Recourse consultancy and Tourism sectors, Human Capital Network, is a creation of one person: Mr. Ajitsinh Raj. Under his able, dedicated and visionary leadership, Paramount group of Companies is established in Surat in 2006, has made tremendous strides during the last few years. The credit of establishment and of astonishing development of Paramount and its allied concerns goes entirely to the dynamic leadership and undaunted hard work of Mr Ajitsinh Raj. He has been so involved in the planning, establishment, development and progress of Paramount and its sister concerns.


Coming from a Middle level Farmer’s family, Mr. Raj has struggled through his years of education, later to build a company of this stature.

On completion of his post-graduation as an M.Sc from South Gujarat University, he got selected in IIM-A for MDP (Management Development programme) based on Skill Management Expertise, and then after he has been honoured as IIM-A Alumni.Mr. Ajitsinh Raj has been a visionary who believed in upgrading the standard of living of the people. His efforts to improve the socio-economic conditions of Gujarat paid well with better employment opportunities and sustainable infrastructure and network to the people. The Group, committed to the growth of the region, has invested in employment search, destination Explore for Travel and setting up in Globle Human Capital that can contribute to the growth of Individual, Professional, SMEs, and Society as whole.


It is the intent of every employee of Paramount Group to provide the quality of consulting that will make it a real partner to its client or companies. No matter how difficult the challenge or how long it takes, the company thoroughly examine the operations of their client companies taking into account the different cultural aspects and business customs in each region and locality and then take responsibility for long-term projects that solidly integrate the best practices for each company into its operations. Rather than seeking short-term project profitability, the aim is to build a long-term relationship to realize true management transformation of such excellence as to make it the one-and-only real partner for its client companies.

As a visionary leader he has made his marks on the organisation’s path by attaining pinnacle in the socio-economic conditions by paying better employment opportunities and sustainable infrastructure to the people in the network of the clientele.