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Don’t be just a part of Human population,

Be a Part of Human Potential!!!

“Triveni - Sangam” of Paramount Group holds three branches of consulting, tourism and human solutions in the business globe. Foundation stone of the company was Paramount Consultancy in the year 2006 to attain the exploration potentials. The companies within the group reflect the diversity of pronouncements involved in business and management. This mixed bag of design and development includes education, training and development in accordance with our clients' needs in a consultation service provider, travelling and facility to learn, earn and advise within the constituents of the Paramount group.


Paramount Consultancy

Being a leading management consulting company that Paramount consultancy is, it combines classic management consulting with outstanding technological expertise. This very approach of convergent reasoning

Paramount Tourism

In each one of us, there dwells a tourist, an adventurer, an excursionist seeking a day off from the mundane monotony of life. A journey lived, an experience relished; that is what we strive to put forth as a company.

Paramount Solutions

Combination of the knowledge of educated youth, the experience of matured minds and the collective efforts of the member’s network; meeting at one point would always enhance the work consistency

Business with Us

Excellence is an art won by training and habituation. As a group company we do not act rightly because we have virtue or excellence, but we rather have those because we have acted rightly.


The Paramount Group, which is today enjoy a leading position in the Knowledge Management, Human Recourse consultancy and Tourism sectors, Human Capital Network, is a creation of one person: Mr. Ajitsinh Raj. Under his able, dedicated and visionary leadership, Paramount group of Companies is established in Surat in 2006, has made tremendous strides during the last few years.

Mr. Ajitsinh Raj.
The Founder